Woodtech USA


Reclaiming more than just wood.

North Alabama has a rich history of producing some of the South’s most talented craftsmen. Taking a drive through the area, you might observe their talent in well-built farmhouses, a generations-old, custom dining room table at a friend’s, or a memorable, unique business sign on the timeless streets in many of Alabama’s most charming courthouse squares.



Woodtech’s request of a simple e-commerce website to help them reach a wider audience and better represent their work seemed straightforward enough. The company had a small retail shop and had been established in the community for more than thirty years. When you look at Woodtech’s work, it’s easy to see the meticulous effort that has gone into each piece. More often than not, their products are crafted from reclaimed wood from the hills of North Alabama.

Their work was timeless; their brand was not. After hiring Red Brick for their website, Woodtech discovered they could reclaim far more wood than they built with. Woodtech had the potential to serve as a unique representation of American crafted quality with Southern tradition as a focus.

Woodtech’s work represents some of the best quality and craftsmanship you will find. They are a family-owned small business that constructs timeless products, each hand-made with superior quality in mind. We designed their new website on the Squarespace platform to help make sure their e-commerce options would be easy for consumers to understand and manage. Woodtech offer a variety of standard products, but also love the challenge of taking on custom orders. Our design helped keep those concepts seamless and user-friendly. The website was the first step; representing their work was the next. Red Brick provided new photography for a wide variety of Woodtech’s projects. Realizing there was still more of Woodtech’s story to be told, we also produced a video that gave customers a glimpse into the process of making a timeless, hand-crafted product. Still, Woodtech needed a clear identifier for their work and a strong, consistent brand that would allow for the some of the most incredibly unique brand integrations imaginable.



We presented Woodtech with a new brand identity option that would embody the same timeless quality of their work, allow for truly unique brand applications across a variety of platforms, unify their entire product catalog, and would help better tell their story.

Woodtech embraced the identity with open arms and a refined brand, Woodtech USA - American Crafted, was born.

After Red Brick Strategies helped them reclaim their brand, Woodtech have applied it across all platforms and products and are seeing sales increase online, in-store, and through new wholesalers.