H2L Solutions, Inc.


H2L Solutions, Inc. is a service disabled, veteran-owned small business. The company, founded in 2014, specializes in cyber security and has emerged as a force in the highly competitive market.

H2L wanted a design overhaul to ensure their brand reflected the company’s core values, story, and strength in their industry.


The company’s brand felt out of date and unrepresentative of H2L itself.

While the company reflects energy and expertise its branding felt out of date and unfocused.


Through the brand development process during meetings with H2L their passion and enthusiasm for their work and their drive to be the industry leader was clear in nearly every conversation.

Red Brick worked with H2L’s leadership to build a brand identity that represented those qualities and would appeal to their prospective clients in a powerful way.

The key insight to the project was realizing the people at H2L, and their service in our nation’s military was representative of the company and its services. Just as its founders had done during their military service, H2L was now defending our nation on a new type of battlefield.

Each aspect of H2L’s identity was modernized. The original logo’s unneeded, often confusing graphic elements were scrapped entirely. The final design of the new logo would be based on the strength of a knight’s helmet. To represent both the company’s military background and its new role as a defender of America on a new battlefield, the negative space in the knight’s helmet was used as the base for a silhouette of an American eagle.

The font was updated to a modern sans serif with a weight that would represent the company’s strength and forward-thinking leadership.

Their colors would change completely from a maroon and black to a vivid red and energetic blue creating another connection point to the company’s past, present, and future in the defense of our nation.

Additionally, Red Brick would film and produce a new video that would provide an overview of the company and its values to prospective clients and employees.

H2L’s website was redesigned and modernized with animations, new photography, and more, with each element working together in the new, responsive and mobile friendly site design.


H2L’s new visual identity has been embraced by the company and will provide it a solid foundation as it continues to establish itself as a major factor in its industries.