Red Brick doesn’t have ‘job openings.’

When we find people we really like, we try to make room for them.

The newest at the Red Brick table is Jordan.

Jordan will be working with us as a Creative Assistant, supporting our general account services and helping out in areas like photography, editing, cinematography, and design.

We like him. If you like Kendrick Lamar, talking to yourself, or Philly cheesesteaks, you’ll probably like him, too.

What are you usually listening to on your way to work?

Jordan: Kendrick Lamar.

Anything quirky about you?

Jordan: I talk to myself allllll the time.

That’s fascinating. It could lead to stress. People eat when they’re stressed. Do you have a favorite junk food?

Jordan: Philly cheesesteaks. Always.

Hobbies can help de-stress. Do you have any?

Jordan: I watch a lot of instructional YouTube videos.

Three ‘fun facts’ about you. GO!

Jordan: My dad’s an archeologist. I never learned how to properly hold a pencil. I’ve never been to a sports game.

Fortune favors the bold, right? What are some of your goals?

Jordan: I wanna be the CEO of an award-winning creative agency. (Editor’s note: This position is taken and not available.)

This has gone on for a little while. I’m hungry. Where do you wanna get lunch?

Jordan: Chipotle.

You’ve been here for a little bit now. What do you like about it at Red Brick?

Jordan: I like the personal creativity. Other agency’s say they’re creative. Red Brick is honest about it. I can’t believe I’m here.

Aww ☺