Red Brick is about to make downtown way more ‘Interesting’

Downtown Huntsville, Inc. set to unveil ‘iconic’ new mural through social media

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - One of Downtown Huntsville, Inc.’s “Something Interesting Downtown presented by PNC Bank” grant projects is about to come to life in a very interesting way.

Beginning on Thursday, November 4 at 10 a.m., Downtown Huntsville will begin revealing pieces of a massive new forced perspective art mural through its social media channels.

The mural is the result of the grant awarded to Huntsville creative agency Red Brick Strategies.

Chad Emerson, DHI’s president and CEO, has seen the design, and he’s got good things to say about it.

“It’s exactly what we were looking for with our Something Interesting Downtown grants. We’ve seen the renderings and it’s unlike anything downtown Huntsville, or probably most downtowns, have seen before. What Red Brick is creating could become iconic for Huntsville.”

Forced perspective art — that is, art that must be viewed from a certain angle in order to be seen as intended — is intellectually and physically invigorating. It requests viewers be active. When there are cues that a mural might be connected to something in the environment, viewers will tend to engage with spaces in a way that requests, even more, exploration: beauty and surprise could be, in so many words, right around the next downtown corner. And exploration is a big promoter of healthy, economy-stimulating foot traffic.

Here is a slice

Red Brick expects the installation to begin within the next week, and they’re confident they’ll indeed be delivering downtown Huntsville something interesting.

“We’re a team of creative misfits,” said Trent Willis, Red Brick’s founder and CEO. “We thought our idea was unique, that it would speak to our community, and that it would bring something interesting downtown.

“Like most things we do, we think people will talk about this one for quite awhile.”

The mural is designed by Red Brick Creative Director Dustin Timbrook.

Timbrook added, “Chad and everyone at Downtown Huntsville have really embraced our work and put a lot of faith into us delivering something that will get people excited about downtown.

“Huntsville is a smart city and it’s time we start producing smarter public art. Stuff that forces people to stop, think, and engage. We appreciate DHI for giving us the opportunity to do that.”

The mural’s installation is tentatively scheduled to be complete by mid-November.

Individual pieces of the mural will be unveiled beginning today via Downtown Huntsville’s Facebook ( and Twitter (@downtownhsv) accounts. The complete design will be unveiled on Red Brick’s Instagram (@redbrickstrategies) once all of the pieces have been unveiled.

While the exact location hasn't been announced yet, Red Brick did make it clear the project would not be possible but for the help of developer Anne O'Shea and NAI Chase Commercial Realty.

Willis added, "Ms. O'Shea and everyone with NAI Chase worked with us to not only make this project possible but also make it better. We're truly thankful for their help and we're looking forward to seeing them at the unveiling."